OTN Systems will be responsible for the implementation of the operational telecommunications network for Metrorrey Line 3 in Mexico, which is being constructed.

Clearly, the reliability and serviceability of the OTN products already in place on Lines 1 and 2 for 25 years was fundamental in the decision of the telecommunications department of the Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metrorrey. As a matter of fact, Metrorrey has relied on OTN’s Open Transport Network since 1990, when Line 1 was commissioned. Four years later, on the basis of its merits, OTN was again chosen to install the telecom network for Line 2. With a proven track record of 25 years, OTN came out as the preferred choice when the tender for Line 3 was issued.

The OTN network technology was put to the test and, because of its outstanding reliability and serviceability, it came out as the best for equipping the Metrorrey with a comprehensive operational telecommunications system. Ever since, Metrorrey has relied on OTN Systems for its telecom needs, so it came to no surprise that they entrusted OTN Systems once again with the telecommunications works for the newly planned Line 3.

Successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

The complete configuration for Metrorrey Line 3 was tested in May of this year. In the state of the art FAT room at the OTN Systems headquarters in Olen, Belgium, all the nodes were installed and thoroughly tested, while the customer was present. The hardware and software functionality was tested and the equipment met the pre-set specifications.

The new OTN network will support an array of applications, such as IP cameras, analogue PABX phone connections, the clock system, PA, the toll system, SCADA, and a host of supervision systems, uninterruptable power supplys (UPS), stairs and elevators, airco, hydropneumatic equipment, traction energy, etc. The OTN network is equipped with the OTN Management System (OMS), which offers service and diagnose functions.