Brand renewal

Mitron, a leading European public information systems provider for onboard railway and display solutions, is launching its renewed brand today. The brand renewal has been executed as part of the company’s international growth strategy.

This comprehensive brand renewal is based on Mitron’s expanding presence in the international market for modern and high-quality public information systems. The renewed brand underlines the company’s expertise and dynamic approach. For instance, their visual identity consists of completely new elements with dynamic orange as the main color.

"Mitron is known for its specialized proven technology, and our systems are already running in plenty of countries worldwide," says Mitron’s CEO Lasse Orre.

"No matter where you travel, Mitron is there in trains, trams and metros, as well as on the railway and metro stations and platforms. If you look onto the display systems at bus and metro terminals and stops, gas stations, shopping malls and other public places, you can recognize the Mitron logo in quite a few of them. Therefore, the logotype remained untouched in the new brand."

Mitron aims for international growth. Earlier this year, the company strengthened its sales networks in Russia and Italy.

"We are committed to achieving this growth through an extensive partner network," Orre adds.

"Growth will especially benefit international customers, who can rely on Mitron’s service network. We are positioned towards the future with a strong customer focus. Our new brand promise ‘information solutions for tomorrow’s passenger’ explains how we are dedicated to our customer’s business based on 25 years of experience. In addition to high-quality displays for vehicles, we provide comprehensive solutions to fulfill passengers’ information needs today and in future."

Mitron’s printed and digital materials have all been renewed based on the new brand promise and visuals. The renewed brand will be fully visible at the InnoTrans exhibition at stand 310, hall 2.1. The exhibition takes place from 23-26 September in Berlin, Germany.

For more information, please contact Mitron.