As of today, milling is part of voestalpine Railpro’ value-added rail services, performed in our Rail Service Centre in the Netherlands. We now contribute decisively to the sustainability of the Dutch railway infrastructure since this process extends the lifespan of the rails.

The design of the new milling machine is unique compared to existing variations. This prototype is the only machine in the world that symmetrically mills in one-operation. A production hall has been built to house the milling machine. For an impression of the built, see our time-lapse. The milling machine is certified by an authorised body (KIWA) and meets the following Dutch specifications ‘Prefab milled, grinded or planed rails’ – SPC00011-1.

Since last year, the installation of untreated rails is no longer allowed. During the rail’ production process an outer layer is created known as the decarbonised surface layer. If the decarbonised layer is not removed before train operation, it will be ground into the rails and cause damage.

voestalpine Railpro mills 54E1, 54E5, 60E1, 60E2 rails with standard length ranging from 90m to 120m with a maximum output of < 360m and with standard depths of > 0.7mm < 1mm; 2mm, 4mm and 6mm (other rail profile and depths on request).

For more information please contact voestalpine Railpro.