Matrox Graphics today announced that Clear Channel Norway has installed Matrox Maevex™ H.264 encoders and decoders within three stations of the Oslo metro system to deliver advertising content on 176 digital screens.

The first choice for Clear Channel, Maevex encoders and decoders deliver full HD (1080p60) video and audio over standard IP networks.

With 176 65-inch screens across three metro stations, Clear Channel Norway was tasked with providing advertising to 80 million annual commuters in Oslo. After initially installing local media players in neighbouring machine rooms with HDMI extenders, Clear Channel discovered regular power shutdowns would leave the screens blank even after connections had been re-established, leading to losses in ad revenue.

Seeking more stability, Clear Channel selected Matrox Maevex Encoders and Decoders because of their ability to offer remote video and audio extension at user-defined bitrates between 100Kbps and 25Mbps, enabling multiple streams on both 100Mb and 1000Mb standard networks.

Using Matrox PowerStream software, Clear Channel can oversee and manage each encoder and decoder. Content is created with Mermaid digital signage software and placed onto a PC player in the remote operations centre. Maevex AV-over-IP platform captures, encodes, and streams the signal for decode and display on remote digital signage screens within each metro location.

Clear Channel Norway digital development and operations head Jonas Michael said: "We feel very strongly that the solutions Matrox produces cannot be compared to home office or consumer products and meet a high grade of industrial standard. Matrox products are built to last."

Clear Channel was so pleased with the Olso metro setup that plans are in the works to expand this setup to an additional seven stations. Clear Channel has also integrated Maevex hardware and PowerStream software in a similar setup on three Oslo Ferries passenger ships, and are in the process of doing likewise in six airports across the country.

Jonas Michael added: "The airport IT staff have already reported back saying, ‘This is what we have been waiting for’.

"In every digital signage setup it is a standard to have the PC just behind the screen. Maevex is really a revolution, enabling us to remove it and place it elsewhere in our operations centre, away from the public. So, it’s a fantastic solution that we foresee using again in the future."