COMLAB has won the tender for outfitting approximately 400 Deutsche Bahn (DB) trains with a mobile telecommunications system.

COMLAB is equipping approximately 400 trains and 3,800 carriages owned by DB, with a high-quality and modular InTrain mobile telecommunications repeater system.

The repeater system satisfies the strict requirements of both the mobile telecommunications network operators and the DB, and sets new standards. Around 1,200 of the carriages belong to the ICE 4 fleet, the latest generation of Intercity Express high speed trains, and some of them are double-decker carriages.

The InTrain Repeater System from COMLAB supplies train passengers travelling on the DB with 2G, 3G and 4G signals from the mobile telecommunications operators Deutsche Telecom, Telefonica and Vodafone.

The top priority with this comprehensive project is to increase the levels of passenger satisfaction. Passengers, and especially business travellers using the DB, expect high-quality mobile telecommunications when they travel. This means perfect voice quality and straightforward data transmission.

To guarantee this service, the InTrain Repeaters from COMLAB are designed especially for the sophisticated requirements of high-speed trains. On the one hand, the repeaters compensate for the high levels of signal loss which are caused due to the high isolation levels in modern trains.

On the other hand, they compensate for the extreme variations in the signal levels which are caused by the rapid forwards motion of the trains and the forwarding of one network cell to the next, and enable the maintaining of an excellent level of radio communication in the trains.

With this prestigious project, the Swiss company has succeeded in winning a major contract.