The MH70R from MEN can be used as sole computer system, or network of two or more sub-units as a mobile IT infrastructure platform.

It acts as the central component of the menRDC railway data centre and is the mobile office IT computer for virtually all non-vital train applications.

  • Main server and virtualization platform for menRDC
  • Mobile office IT computer structure
  • Intel Xeon D with up to 16 cores
  • 2x 10GB Ethernet and 1x 1GB Ethernet
  • 3G/4G, wireless and GPS modem slots
  • Hot-swappable SATA slots
  • Compact 40 HP system
  • Modular design, built-to-order configuration

The menRDC Concept: Transparency for the application and independence from a specific manufacturer thanks to standard technologies

In order to meet the growing number of automated functions in the train, MEN has now expanded its range of rail services with an additional family: the menRDC (Railway Data Center) for non-vital applications is the perfect complement to menTCS in the safety-critical area.

menRDC relies on industry standards for hardware, software and communications and thus creates a neutral computer platform with an infrastructure comparable to office IT, which is independent of the actual application. For many applications the MH70R alone functions as a central server and virtualisation computer.

The heart of the MH70R is a powerful CPU card with Intel-Xeon-D processor – especially suitable for virtualization, with up to 16 processors, 10GB and gigabit ethernet interfaces, as well as conventional serial I/O like RS232 and USB 3.0. The most common wireless communication functions and some RAID memories are implemented in the system using modular CompactPCI Serial peripheral cards.

A Linux-based hypervisor is used on the MH70R to abstract the hardware from the application. On the hardware side, virtualization is supported by the Intel VT-x and VT-D technology. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which encrypts data through cryptography, error correction code (ECC) support, board and system management control, as well as a watchdog timer, ensure reliability and security.

To ensure reliability and redundancy, the MH70R provides two PSU slots (AC or DC) that can be powered by independent power supply networks. Thus normal operation is ensured if at least one external voltage is present.

Depending on the requirements, the main computer MH70R itself can be combined with additional modules for memory expansion, communication with other train calculators or I / O interfaces. For even more extensive train IT applications, additional standard systems of the menRDC family come into play: the MH70S data storage system and the NH30 managed Gigabit Ethernet switch, which reliably distributes the collected information to the right place.

Possible areas of application of the menRDC concept range from the communication system, to passenger information and entertainment systems, wireless access points (WAP) for internet on trains, video monitoring systems, diagnostic and maintenance systems, and electronic ticket delivery.

The MH70R is a reliable and robust built-to-order system with low space requirements, which can also be configured fanless for long-term use under harsh and extreme conditions.