CAF Signalling sets the new CTC in service for operation from the CRC of Albacete, of the Albacete-Alicante section, in the project for signalling facilities, fixed telecommunications, centralised traffic control, etc. on the Madrid-Levante High-Speed. Albacete, La Encina Alicante Section.

On Monday, the 15th of April, CAF Signalling successfully delivered the CTC to ADIF (Albacete CTC/CRC), and this will remain in the testing stage until commercial commissioning, in the Madrid-Levante High Speed Line project. Albacete-La Encina-Alicante section; and financing of part of the investment.

This delivery is part of the work undertaken as member of UTE SALAVE, and consists in the Setting into Service of a new CAF Signalling technology CTC, which will be in the testing stages until commercial commissioning. The success of this milestone is also down to the fact that CAF Signalling is the first company to achieve integration with the CRC within the agreed time period.

Subsequently, the Fallen Objects Detectors and Hot Box Detectors system (DCO and DCC) was delivered on Thursday the 18th. As a result of the final delivery of the detector systems, circulation at 300km / h is possible on the line.