The accreditation is for the HS100 Series surface mount multipoint locking range following a joint test programme in conjunction with Kent-based high-security steel doorset manufacturer Sunray Engineering.

Sunray Engineering, who specialise in the manufacture of high-security doorsets, oversaw the accreditation process with the Loss Prevention Certification Board, which took several months to test the large number of locking and doorset configurations required. The SR3 and SR4 security ratings apply to both Pickersgill-Kaye’s single and multipoint lock versions when fitted to Sunray Engineering’s ‘ExcluDoor®’ single and double security doorset range.

As one of the UK’s premier steel security doorset producer’s Sunray selected Pickersgill-Kaye for the joint submission, because they were impressed with the locking system’s product quality and the unique modular design concept allowing interchangeability between single and multipoint versions. This provides significant advantages in doorset manufacture and consistency in appearance for end users.

Developed specifically to protect high-security national infrastructure and high risk commercial installations, the combination of Pickersgill-Kaye locks and Sunray doors provide high levels of physical attack resistance, without compromising health and safety requirements.

Both doorsets and locking systems have been manufactured to the highest technological standard and aesthetically designed to complement the modern workplace. They provide a multitude of operational and functional door opening requirements whilst fully conforming to the latest emergency and panic escape standard regulations.

Sunray’s managing director David Evans explains: "We are delighted to become the first door manufacturer to achieve a full range of LPS 1175 level three and four approvals for our doors fitted with Pickersgill-Kaye’s single and multi-point locking systems.

"This accreditation not only allows our client base access to the considerable locking option range available but also allows consideration to be given to the aesthetics of the complete end user product offering, which is becoming increasingly relevant and important through architect driven specifications."

Available in both surface mounted and mortice versions, Pickersgill-Kaye’s portfolio of single and multipoint locking systems are designed and manufactured entirely in the UK to the highest technical standards. The range of locks, bolts and fittings has been specifically developed to meet exacting standards of physical attack whilst maintaining safe and easy exit.

Summarising, Pickersgill-Kaye’s High Security Locking Product manager Mark Tailby said: "The accreditation covers single and multipoint locking versions up to Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 4.

"We conducted a series of independent tests beforehand to assure ourselves everything met the standards required before embarking on the full test programme with Sunray Engineering and it is the first time we have attained approval to SR3 and SR4 levels on a complete suite of high security locking products with one door manufacturer. This includes single and double doorset configurations.

"Quality is the hallmark of both manufacturers’ products and Pickersgill-Kaye is delighted to be associated with Sunray Engineering, who are generally considered the UK’s leading steel security doorset manufacturer."

The high-security single and multipoint locks incorporate a number of key features, including stainless-steel lock cases, aesthetically pleasing colour matched lock and rod covers, cylinder guard protection and hardened steel bolts with anti-thrust prevention. They have also been independently cycle tested to in excess of one million operations.

Leeds-based Pickersgill-Kaye is continuing to invest in further development to provide product ranges tailored to customers’ needs. Creative design and innovative engineering, coupled with continuous customer focus are at the heart of the business, ensuring bespoke product solutions can be provided for their clients. As with all Pickersgill-Kaye products, the High Security Multipoint Locking Systems range is supported by experienced technical and customer service departments, which provide a nationwide service.

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