Plasser & Theurer

The maximum permissible axle load for line category C2 is 20t. Many Plasser & Theurer machines are suited for this line category.

Railway lines are classified according to the line categories stipulated in the European standard EN 15528. This standard regulates the maximum permissible wheel-set load, and the permissible load per unit of length of a line or a section of track. In this context, the supporting strength of bridges is particularly important.

The lower the axle load of a track maintenance machine, the more versatile its application. The company’s new development, the Unimat 09-4×4 / 4S continuous action tamping machine for tracks and turnouts, proves this. The machine’s maximum axle loads have been reduced to 20t. As a result, this machine is suited for line category C2. This is why it can be used on so-called secondary lines.

In fact, a great number of high-capacity machines from our range of machines are suited for line category C2. All of our product categories comprise machines that stand out due to both features appreciated by our customers and maximum axle loads of 20t.

These include our new E3 hybrid machines, ballast ploughs of the USP 2000 series, the new RM 80-750 two-part ballast cleaning machine, and track recording and track work vehicles for DB AG. Moreover, machines from other product categories, such as machines of the GWM series and several models from the MTW 100 series, meet these criteria.

When developing and designing machines, Plasser & Theurer has always aimed at increasing the economic benefit of our customers and, consequently, the entire railway system. This is why we continue to develop machine designs that meet our customer’s requirements.