Locomotive Turntables

Vector Lifting Locomotive Turntables are designed to rotate a single locomotive or set of wagons to ensure safety and efficiency allowing a quick turnaround time for locomotives entering and leaving the yard. The turntable system is installed within the concrete pit to allow ease of access to all areas of the turntable. When the turntable is not in use the main girder beam is in line with the incoming rail track and locked into position.

Vector Lifting has completed the design, manufacture and installation of Locomotive Turntables throughout Australia. The turntables are driven by two variable speed drives and controlled via Radio Remote or Local Pendant allowing the train drivers to operate the turntable safely. The turntable below has a capacity of 140t and span 23m allowing the table to turn locomotives and wagons.

The basis of the Locomotive Turntable design is to provide:

a) Safe operation in rotation of a locomotive

b) Ease of operation

c) Ease of maintenance

d) Help efficiency and safety within the Rail Yard.