Line Runner

KEYMILE’s LineRunner-IS-3400, as well as its identical HYTEC-HY104 family, have been upgraded with new functions, including the configuration of a new packet-filter firewall.

As a result, the company is helping suppliers and operators of mission-critical infrastructures to implement the new German IT security legislation.

KEYMILE has made significant enhancements to its own LineRunner-IS-3400 and identical HYTEC-HY104 family from its subsidiary HYTEC. The product families consist of various unit types for transmitting mission-critical data in networks requiring high levels of availability, particularly those belonging to energy utilities.

The transmission technology is based on Ethernet. Because they use internet technologies, these high-tech networks have a higher risk of cyber-attacks. Therefore, KEYMILE has provided the LineRunner-IS-3400 and HYTEC-HY104 family with extra security functions.

One of the functions the new access list feature offers is the ability to set up packet-filter firewalls. This allows companies to custom-limit incoming and outgoing data traffic in all ports. White lists or black lists are the basis for this capability.

All packets are permitted on a black list, except for those where one of the rules on the list applies. Logically a white list blocks all packets which are not explicitly permitted. It is more restrictive and therefore offers greater security. This complies with the guideline that only approved standardised protocols are used for service and application communications.

Device functions, such as port-based network-access control, user authentication and monitoring, also enable the prevention of unauthorised login-, configuration-, as well as connectivity processes.

Devices can be connected to a central user and / or device-management system too. During the process, successful and rejected access attempts, as well as changes in the configuration, are logged and alarms triggered if needed. Therefore, any activity carried out on a device is shown at all times.

This is equally one of the factors in an information security management system (ISMS) that the new German IT Security Act stipulates, and which has been in force since July 2015.

The act specifies ‘the tools and methods the management uses to control, plan, use, carry out, monitor and improve information-security-driven tasks and activities’.

KEYMILE’s current safety add-ons comply with DIN ISO/IEC 27001. This standard is a key element of the new IT Security Act which applies to suppliers and operators of mission-critical infrastructure.

HYTEC managing director Thorsten Scholz said: "Many companies using the LineRunner-IS-3400 and the HYTEC-HY104 products are currently looking at the requirements laid down by the new IT Security Act.

"By 31 January 2018 at the latest, they need to prove compliance with the appropriate IT security catalogue and furnish the relevant certification."

"The new security features and other consultancy services allow KEYMILE to support companies in implementing the IT Security Act. What’s more, further security-driven functions for the devices are in the pipeline in order to operate existing telecontrol networks in a future-proof manner".