Advantech and Linear Technology announce partnership.

Advantech has announced a partnership with Linear Technology’s Dust Networks product group to develop Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions based on Dust’s SmartMesh IP™ embedded wireless sensor networks (WSN). Advantech will develop, manufacture and sell a variety of IoT gateways, wireless sensors and solutions that incorporate Linear’s industry-leading SmartMesh IP embedded WSN products, as well as complementary power management and Power over Ethernet (PoE) ICs.

Advantech has declared 2014 as its first year for actual Smart City applications; it is time to push beyond the planning stage and into implementation. Today’s embedded devices have the ability to communicate, transforming simple dedicated devices into "interconnected smart devices" in the IoT era, where wireless connectivity is everywhere. In response to this trend, Advantech provides wireless IoT solutions and module integration services that minimise workloads for system integrators.

The IoT is growing rapidly, and WSNs are essential for extending the reach of the Internet infrastructure to all kinds of devices. WSNs are already in use in critical monitoring and control applications worldwide. Linear Technology’s broad line of WSN products and high-performance analogue and power integrated circuits are enabling products for industrial networks and the IoT. Linear Technology produces power management, data conversion, signal conditioning, RF and interface ICs, µModule subsystems and Dust Network’s SmartMesh WSN products.

"By partnering with Linear Technology’s Dust Networks, Advantech will deliver an additional series of WSN solutions that further enable IoT applications."

Advantech Embedded Computing Group vice-president Miller Chang said: "Though intelligent industry opportunities are huge, the market is still evolving. Customers are motivated to acquire robust and complete embedded IoT solutions for implementing complex remote communications, and for connecting devices to develop monitoring and remote control applications. In order to bridge the gap, Advantech has established a new product division called Embedded IoT Solutions. This division will focus on providing ready-to-use embedded IoT solutions by integrating Advantech’s current embedded platforms, wireless modules and remote control software, doing so in collaboration with our ecosystem partners. By partnering with Linear Technology’s Dust Networks, Advantech will deliver an additional series of WSN solutions that further enable IoT applications."

Linear Technology’s Dust Networks president Joy Weiss said: "This collaboration between Linear Technology and Advantech will accelerate the availability of a compelling suite of reliable, low-power WSN solutions. This will enable companies to quickly bring innovative IoT applications to market without having to develop their own hardware. Advantech’s outstanding reputation for quality and its strong global sales, marketing and support will be a strong catalyst for IoT application developers worldwide."

Integrating Advantech RISC computing design power with Linear Technology’s Dust Networks WSN technology, Advantech Embedded Core Group will announce the release of a WSN controller, UBC-WN500, and sensor remote products, EWS-1540A and UBC-WNM200, in Q3 2014. Meanwhile, Advantech will include the SUSIAccess remote management software tool for IoT in the WSN series, which will enable customers to implement environmental monitoring, urban security and smart street solutions easily and quickly. Advantech and Linear Technology are working together to achieve the ultimate goal of enabling an intelligent planet.