Leroy Automation, a French advanced engineering design house and manufacturer of electronic embedded transit and railway systems, automation products for the electrification of transport & transit networks, and control-command equipment designed for harsh industrial and military environments, decided to adopt an Eco-responsible™ corporate policy, in order to reduce its ecological and environmental footprint.

Leroy Automation has introduced an office waste management system that reduces the price of treatment and manufacturing of newly built materials while simultaneously preserving natural resources. The implementation of Leroy Automation’s waste management system has been certified under the EASYTRI agreement No MAR0302015, a company specialised in recycling and supporting industrial waste management practices, and carries the label "Ecologically minded, I recycle my office waste."

During the Eco-responsible system implementation, the traceability towards approved and local industries is established with permanent access for all involved parties. Commitments concerning the re-use of materials are compliant with the regulatory requirements and legislative directives of the European commission. The EASYTRI agreement also ensures that the company’s staff’s awareness and consideration of the ‘Eco-Citizen’ approach is increased both internally, as well as externally.

Regarding sustainable development performance, Leroy Automation has also been rewarded in this area when the company was awarded the ‘Silver Level Recognition’ by EcoVadis™ in 2014, a rating agency specialised in the evaluation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This excellent result confirms the great dedication of the company in its sustainable development approach and processes. It also confirms the quality of the actions conducted by the company and its personnel in the fields of environmental protection, ethics in business, and consideration of social factors.

The evaluation offered by EcoVadis is essential to take a global perspective on the performance of a company. It aims to ease the follow-up and to monitor the improvement of the company’s CSR strategies. The EcoVadis results not only enables Leroy Automation to understand how the company is positioning itself in the marketplace, but are also useful to promote the transparency and build trust between different business partners and stakeholders including suppliers, customers, end users, company management and personnel. The EcoVadis mark is a strong asset for the company, whose customers are large major organisations (both public and private), who are also aware and concerned about the environmental impacts and social performance of their key suppliers.