Engineering expertise from Pickersgill Electroplating has played a major part in helping the Leeds Transport Historical Society (LTHS) to restore the city’s sole surviving horse-drawn tram to its former glory.

This project is currently located at the premises of the Middleton Railway Trust and has been over seven years in the making, with the charity utilising Pickersgills’ electroplating facilities for the thousands of screws, nuts and bolts needed to rebuild the tram to its original 1898 condition. Pickersgills’ sister company, Pickersgill-Kaye, has over a century of experience supplying the rail industry and tram systems with door locks.

Pickersgill Electroplating has been involved from the beginning after tram enthusiasts chose the company ahead of two competitors to provide the precision metal finishing for the fasteners which had to meet modern corrosion resistance standards.