Lat-Lon, LLC. announced today that they have been awarded the Gold Value Chain Award in Fleet Management from Connected World Magazine. The award was presented at the annual Connected World Conference in St. Charles, Illinois, US, to distinguish the most successful corporate adopters of M2M technology and connected devices.

Lat-Lon was recognised for its innovative approach to tracking and monitoring cargo and equipment with its wireless, self-contained solar-powered tracking unit (STU). The patented tracking unit communicates from railcars, locomotives, trucks, barges, heavy equipment and more through Multi-Tech embedded cellular modems for CDMA or GSM.

With Global coverage, the STU has been a valuable asset to freight managers for its easy installation, and consistent, straightforward standardised cost given Multi-Tech’s carrier-approved embedded modems.

The frequent reporting available, given the daily "recharge" each unit receives from direct or indirect sunlight, combined with a patented power system, allows for a more complete and accurate information trail to manage assets. The u-blox ultra low-power GPS module offers regular, high-sensitivity GPS signals for accurate location, direction and speed data.

The STU not only monitors location, but can provide critical information through various sensors, including a three axis accelerometer for impact detection, infrared motion activated camera, wired or wireless sensors for temperature, hatch, tilt and more.

These sensors have proven valuable in rail and trucking industries, often purchased directly by manufacturers. The Lat-Lon product line-up is complimented with wired units designed for locomotives and fleet vehicles.