Lat-Lon, LLC. is pleased to announce the release of the 14K Solar Tracking Unit (STU). The 14K STU incorporates power management improvements, plus upgrades to GPS and cellular technologies. Modifying the prior patented power system from the 13K, the X14K incorporates lithium iron phosphate rechargeable cells now giving the STU four times longer life. The solar panels, energy storage and power circuitry are optimized for lower voltage allowing the STU to operate the GPS module 24/7 under typical conditions for unprecedented location and speed awareness.

Lat-Lon president David Baker said: "It will almost seem like the 14K STU is plugged into a wall outlet. Once per minute live reporting is now an option using only solar power." The GPS utilizes the latest low-power modules from U-BLOX while cellular technology is advanced with your choice of either 1xRTT (Verizon) or HSPA+ (AT&T) 3G modems. Both wired and wireless sensor options are also available including 2.4GHz mesh network sensors for superior data reliability.

The 14K STU has been carefully developed and tested over the past 18 months to ensure a mature design. As with the 13K STU, the 14K STU will continue Lat-Lon’s practice of supporting over the air firmware updates to improve performance and add features even after the equipment is deployed. With a secure website, desktop and mobile apps for Android and iOS, keeping track and collecting sensor data from your fleet of equipment has never been better or easier.