Track Safety

In recent years, training methods for workers have diversified enormously. The heads of human resources and training at companies are making huge efforts to include innovative systems in their training processes.

Within this field, technology is undoubtedly playing a very important role. Thanks to it, companies are able to provide increasingly effective and homogeneous training. Among the most important advances, we have simulation, which is enabling professionals to train in situations that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to reproduce.

In addition, in recent years executives are focusing their attention on the importance of attracting the attention of the worker, involving them more in the learning process and in the use of technology. Aware of the difficulty of effectively transferring the company’s know-how, innovative techniques are seeing a powerful emergence in the market.

Among these techniques, gamification is seen as a key strategy, as pointed out by prestigious technologists such as Gartner. Gamification consists of incorporating gaming and entertainment strategies to certain activities, with the aim of motivating participants to take part in their own learning process, whether technical or corporate within the company, making the transfer of information more effective. Gamification is gradually reaching companies from all types of sectors and of all sizes, adapting in each case to the particular features of each company.

Serious and arduous content that has nothing to do with fun is combined with motivational and fun strategies that are specifically designed for the type of trainee. Rules, reward systems, points, levels, social interaction or pleasant technologies, among other elements, that wrap around the technical and corporate content that the company wants to convey to the trainee, generating positive emotions in them.

Similarly, in 2015, Lander Simulation & Training Solutions has launched ‘Track to Safety’, a gamified learning proposal for train drivers.

With this proposal, Lander seeks to offer railway operators a tool that is flexible, adaptable to their educational content and attracts the attention of the train drivers, as well as fit in with the rest of the company’s training tools. The learning of protocols, regulations, etc., has its place in Track to Safety. Thanks to this, train drivers can continue to reinforce their technical and corporate knowledge anytime, anywhere, in an attractive and intuitive way.

The development has been carried out during the course of more than two years, and train drivers from different companies from diverse countries have taken part in its testing, with an outstanding response after having used Track to Safety.

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