KVT fastening

KVT-Fastening offers a comprehensive range of threaded inserts Tappex, Filtec+, Lockfil+, Kato, Fasteks and Keenserts: threaded inserts for highly reliable threaded fastenings in lightweight construction materials

The automobile industry, railway industry, machinery and precision engineering: in all these industries, lightweight construction materials such as fibreglass-reinforced plastics, aluminium and magnesium materials and zinc die castings are absolute essentials.

For secure, threaded fastenings with high tear-out strength in materials, which are often notch-sensitive and materials with a low shear strength, KVT-Fastening offers a wide range of products in the field of threaded inserts. Depending on individual requirements, Tappex, Fasteks or Keenserts threaded inserts or wire-thread inserts will meet special fastening challenges, from the production of precise, durable nut threads to subsequent thread reinforcement or repair.

Due to their special properties, lightweight construction materials find applications in more and more sectors. Aluminium and magnesium designs reduce the weight of a vehicle or a ship and thus reduce its fuel consumption. For construction in the automotive industry, fibreglass or carbon-fibre-reinforced composite materials are often used, materials which are characterised by extreme stability, lightness and a high degree of resistance to fire.

In processing and assembling these materials, however, traditional methods of fastening soon reach their limits. KVT-Fastening can rise to the challenge of creating reliable fastenings in lightweight materials, which are resistant to tear-out with a wide range of different threaded inserts and wire-thread inserts. The small, specialised fastenings are precisely designed for their respective purpose and are thus extremely durable and simple to install.

Tappex threaded inserts are ideally suited to creating precise, durable nut threads in
workpieces of plastic, lightweight metals and other notch-sensitive materials. The wide variety of threaded inserts allows the users to find exactly the right fastening element to use for their own manufacturing process. Self-tapping screw-in designs, for example for use in thermoplastics, glass-fibre-reinforced plastics and thermosetting plastics are available as are versions which meet the demanding specifications of medical and maritime technology or those of the foodstuffs industry.

Furthermore, KVT-Fastening offers models with internal threads and patented external geometry, which can either be pressed in place or bedded ultrasonically or using heat. A threaded insert version, which can be moulded in place and has many applications completes the range. Thanks to its thin wall, it can be placed directly alongside the edge of the moulding and is very often used in thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic moulded components with either straight through threads or blind threads.

Wire-thread inserts from KVT-Fastening
Filtec+ and Lockfil+ wire-thread inserts with tangs and Kato wire-thread inserts without tangs, especially in machinery construction, are now an indispensable element. They are easy to install and are ideally suited to establish high-strength threads with optimum grip from the bolt to the nut thread. In addition they are outstanding for reinforcing threads in materials with low shear-strength.

With its own Fasteks brand, KVT-Fastening offers a wide spectrum of innovative and high-quality fastening components including the self-tapping Fasteks threaded inserts. They are convincing with simplicity of installation and available in various sizes, in steel and in stainless steel and with cutting slots or cutting holes. Fasteks threaded inserts are especially suited for installing in lightweight constructions, and in all other materials which have a low shear strength.

Keenserts threaded inserts are characterised by their ease of assembly and durability.
The wear-resistant models are the perfect solution for preventing threads tearing out and are thus ideal for the demanding specifications of precision construction for instance in the railway industry. Keenserts threaded inserts have locking wedges already fitted, which after installation are hit into the base material to establish a seating absolutely resistant to twisting and vibration.

This principle guarantees the highest degree of safety and also permits the connections to be undone and refastened repeatedly without the thread being able to unscrew. Repair of defective threads in expensive components using the threaded inserts is also quickly and economically carried out.

Further information about threaded inserts and tips for installation can be found at the company website as documentary expertise in the download centre of KVT-Fastening.