For the accelerated development of custom-made, high-availability switches, today Kontron has introduced the world’s first 10G/1G Ethernet Switch Core Modules providing all essential interfaces on a standardised footprint.

The Kontron ESC1600/ESC2404 Modules are the first of a series of application-ready Ethernet switching building blocks, enabling developers of individual high-performance switches to drastically save on development costs. The physical footprint is standardized, the number of interfaces and their layout is scalable and everything is pre-integrated and application-ready even including the management system for the configuration of the switch.

These robust 10G/1G highspeed modules are destined for deployment in avionic and military switches with individual mechanical system designs and physical network interfaces, which Kontron also offers to large OEM customers as part of its design-in services.

"With the launch of our first Kontron Ethernet Switch Core Modules we are specifically targeting demanding military and avionics applications, in which custom-made switch designs with Layer 2 and Layer 3 management, extended temperature range and reliable 10 Gigabit and 1Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, whether with optical fiber or copper cable, are required," comments Reiner Grübmeyer, Product Manager at Kontron.

"The Kontron ESC1600/ESC2404 are very good springboard for customised systems. On the basis of these core modules, individual, high-quality 1/10 Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switching systems with long-term availability can be realised quickly and efficiently either by Kontron or by the customers. We have the necessary know-how for example, for both ATR as well as for various military and avionic specifications. Further to this, we also offer support to developers and system integrators in terms of application-specific implementation and firmware adaptation."

The new Kontron 10G/1G Ethernet Switch Core Modules footprint is based on the COM Express compact form factor and thus uses the world’s most comprehensive and proven design rules for module based rugged systems. This ensures a maximum of standard re-use and a very high degree of design quality and investment security.

The management interface of the Kontron ESC1600/ESC2404, which are designed for the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, is software compliant to the Kontron CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA Managed Switches, so that customers profit not only from standard-based, but also proven switching building blocks in scalable series product quality.

Thanks to SNMP support, configuration and administration of the switches is a quick and efficient matter. Either via command line or web interface, the switch can be configured for specific network switching and routing requirements. Physical management access can either take place via the serial interface or via the network.

The robustly designed Kontron ESC1600/ESC2404 are shock- and vibration-proof and shielded against electro-magnetic interference fields. They offer a wide range of functions including L2 and L3 management for IPv4 and IPv6 like IP forwarding, L2 and L3 multicast, Quality of Service (QoS) and VLANs.

Additional macro capabilities for frequent administration and configuration also alleviate system management. To facilitate software updates and configurations, the ESC provides a USB interface and an I²C bus for various IOs, which can also reflect network errors and status information.

Parallel to the launch of the long-term available Kontron ESC1600/ESC2404 switch core modules, Kontron is providing developers with a corresponding carrier board which speeds up the application-specific evaluation of individual non-blocking, fully managed L2/L3 rugged Ethernet switches. Comprehensive documentation, including a command line manual, rounds off Kontron’s new offer for system-developers and integrators.

The Kontron Ethernet Switch Module ESC1600/ESC2404 is now available.