KEYMILE is stepping up business with mission-critical telecommunications networks. The company is expanding its portfolio of solutions by launching the XMC20 product range especially for mission-critical networks.

Applications include secure transmission of highly sensitive information and mission-critical data for energy utilities, transport and local-authority networks.

The XMC20 product family consolidates KEYMILE’s strategic focus on solutions for mission-critical networks. The product family’s target groups are operators of mission-critical telecommunications networks belonging to, railway companies, oil and gas pipelines, energy utilities, airports local authorities and emergency networks.

KEYMILE uses the XMC20 to support network operators in migrating an existing telecommunications network from TDM-based to packet-based services.

The XMC20 product range stands apart for a number of outstanding attributes. One single network element offers both Ethernet and native TDM functions. This flexibility is possible due to the XMC20’s hybrid system architecture and numerous Ethernet and TDM interfaces. A variety of transmission technologies based on different methods is available.

The XMC20 has several powerful functions, making it ideal for buffer management and data synchronisation, particularly for real-time distributed applications and mobile dedicated networks. Network operators can also run the XMC20 as an MPLS-TP node, as an SDH/PDH multiplexer, or a combination of the two without restricting the functionality of the other transmission type.

The XMC20 product range offers various gateways for the technologies to interact, i.e. TDM-over-IP with Circuit-Emulation-over-Packet, VoIP with SIP or Ethernet-over-SDH.

Comprehensive QoS functions (Quality of Service), its robust design, excellent scalability for high levels of availability under any conditions, as well as a number of protection and redundancy functions guarantee efficient, secure and reliable data transmission.

"KEYMILE develops and produces its systems which are exceptional for their superb fail-safe operation and long life cycles in Germany and Switzerland", comments Axel Föry, CEO of the KEYMILE Group in Hanover, Germany.

"As a result, we ensure that in addition to the relevant industry standards, they comply with the demands placed by operators of mission-critical networks which include high levels of availability and low maintenance requirements. The XMC20 also doesn’t need a fan, so it has a sealed design and is low on energy consumption".