At the FTTH Conference 2014, from 18 to 20 February, in Stockholm, KEYMILE will present a wide range of solutions for high-performance and efficient optical fibre network connection. KEYMILE is also Gold sponsor at the 11th congress cum trade show, the most important of its kind in Europe.

The exhibition space at the FTTH Conference 2014 is accommodated at Stockholmsmässan trade show complex in Stockholm. At booth G08 KEYMILE will show new cards for its multi-service access platform MileGate which supports active and passive optical Ethernet. As a result MileGate is ideal for effective and cost-efficient FTTx broadband expansion. With MileGate, network operators can use all broadband technologies ranging from ADSL2plus to VDSL2 with vectoring to active and passive optical GbE connections, making all copper and optical-fibre-based broadband services possible with only one access platform. Because of its compact design with top port density and low energy consumption, MileGate is an excellent choice for use in exchanges and in street cabinets.

With the new GPON card, network operators can provide a large number of households with fast broadband access in passive optical networks with MileGate. On each of the card’s four ports up to 128 end customers can be connected using passive optical splitters. For each GPON port the card offers bandwidth of up to 2.5Gbps downstream and 1.25Gbps upstream. MileGates fully equipped with GPON cards can therefore provide up to 80 GPON ports from one 8 HU subrack.

Network operators can use GPON cards together with cards for active optical networks in a MileGate access node. They can then for example connect residential customers to passive optical networks and corporate customers to active optical networks. MileGate’s architecture with system capacity of 400Gbps is the basis for sustainable FTTH expansion. All MileGate cards and the services delivered with them are managed centrally via KEYMILE’s UNEM network management solution. Consequently, network operators save costs and standardise the job control processes with just one single element manager for all services.

KEYMILE is Gold Sponsor of the FTTH Conference 2014.