KEYMILE will present innovative products for high-speed broadband expansion at CeBIT 2014 from 10 to 14 March. It will also focus on solutions for reliable and safe transmission of mission critical data in dedicated networks at railway companies and utilities. New products include smart grid solutions for distribution and transportation networks belonging to energy suppliers and utilities.

KEYMILE is one of the leading manufacturers of Next-Generation data transmission systems. At this year’s CeBIT in hall 13, stand D66 and with its new ‘because connectivity matters’ slogan the company will showcase a wide range of products and solutions made in Germany and Switzerland for public telecommunications and dedicated networks. Both public and private network operators all have to provide increasingly faster speeds and more and more information. Reliable and secure communications infrastructures are required as a result. Cutting-edge transmission technology and a variety of interfaces for diverse scenarios pave the way for seamless migration to sustainable broadband networks.

At the stand visitors will gain a comprehensive overview of the variety of scenarios KEYMILE’s multi-service access platform MileGate can handle. As a result, network operators can provide all broadband technologies via copper and optical fibre networks at top port density. MileGate supports all key technologies, ranging from ADSL2plus to VDSL2 with vectoring to optical active GbE and passive GPON connections.

In Hanover KEYMILE will be showing a new core unit for MileGate. It offers two 40 gigabit or three 10 gigabit uplinks. The multi-service access platform fully supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet from the core unit to the customers connections. Important applications for the new core unit are VDSL2 and GPON infrastructures. As a result, network operators can provide the bandwidths required today and prepare for the continually rising demand for bandwidth, for example for 4k television for residential customers or cloud computing for business customers.

KEYMILE will also be presenting a new GPON-OLT card which offers bandwidth of up to 2.5 Gbps downstream and 1.25 Gbps upstream. In conjunction with MileGate, in passive optical networks the card enables the connection of a large number of private households to ultra-fast broadband. Together with cards for active optical networks, GPON cards can be used in a MileGate access node to connect residential customers via passive optical networks and business customers via active optical networks.

On the stand, KEYMILE will be showcasing a new VDSL2/Vectoring board too. It combines 96 VDSL2 via ISDN ports with vectoring functions on one board. Therefore, network operators can reliably provide data rates of over 100 Mbps per subscriber in mass rollouts too. The VDSL2/Vectoring board is ideal for services like broadband Internet, video-on-demand and HD IPTV.

KEYMILE will exhibit its products for dedicated networks at railway companies and energy suppliers in a special exhibition space. These organisations place particularly high demands on the requirements of the transmission systems. The network operators expect secure and extremely reliable data transmission using traditional and IP-based transmission technology too. As a very experienced and professional partner for safety-critical networks KEYMILE can offer an in-depth portfolio. At CeBIT the company will for the first time show the product portfolio that resulted from the take-over of HYTEC in 2013. HYTEC specialises in process-data communication, especially data communication in telecontrol and automation engineering.

HYTEC’s products are used in traditional telecontrol applications, for transmitting process data in industrial machinery and for specialised communication in smart grids. A further brand new area is fast and reliable data transmission via medium voltage networks (IP over medium voltage networks). These are new, innovative solutions for transmitting data from data concentrators on consumption (households and industry), as well as exchanging information on energy transmission.