The new MileGate 2310 multi-service access platform offers extensive functions in a compact housing

The new MileGate 2310 multi-service access platform offers extensive functions in a compact casing. KEYMILE’s new subrack has four height units and is easy for network operators to use in street cabinets.

KEYMILE is a leading technology supplier of access and transmission system communications solutions. MileGate 2310 is a new subrack for its multi-service access platforms. The subrack has eight slots, seven of which can be fitted flexibly with Ethernet, xDSL or TDM line cards, gateways or SDH-transmission units. Extreme flexibility, compact design and a high level of reliability are some of the MileGate platform’s key characteristics. Because it is robust and can handle a wider range of temperatures, MileGate 2310 is ideal for street cabinets.

The MileGate 2310 supports the new platform-specific chassis switching concept. All installed Ethernet units are part of a modular switch. As a result, the access point can be perfectly customised to local conditions, and a later extension is also possible.

Because of the high port density, up to 168 active, optical GbE, or 84 electrical interfaces can be provided per subrack. Extensive, native TDM functions and a large number of data interfaces are also available. Connection to the backbone network is flexible realised with n x 1/10GbE or n x STM-16/4/1.

The CESoP functions (TDM transmission via Ethernet) and the Ethernet-over-SDH functions allow seamless integration of Ethernet and SDH technologies in one network. This makes it ideal for dedicated networks that are in between technologies, or being built on an Ethernet basis.

For public network operators, MileGate has been enhanced for usage in medium-sized connection points in FTTx network architectures. Up to 448 ADSL2plus-, 336 VDSL2- as well as 168 FTTH-subscriber lines can be supplied per subrack. It also supports traditional POTS/ISDN connections.

Its integrated voice-media gateway means that these familiar voice services can also be delivered in purely NGN network structures. Consequently, MileGate 2310 is an excellent choice for setting up access points to expand existing networks or eliminate white spots.

To ensure the product is future proof, each slot is already connected with two 10-GbE connections via the backplane to the core unit. Therefore, MileGate is prepared for future bandwidth increases in the access network.