Designed to provide a public emergency telephone system for level rail crossings, the KETS system has been engineered to meet the onerous standards of such applications whilst providing simpler installation and maintenance. The initial investment and projected lifespan of the KETS System would allow significant savings over existing competitive products.

The telephone outstation utilises the GAI-Tronics Titan telephone fitted with a KETS control board designed by Kestrel and supplied by GAI-Tronics. The KETS and PETS telephones have Network Rail Approval in the UK.


  • Utilises a standard FAI-Kestrel Hawk Concentrator
  • Operates over a single pair
  • Line powered – no local mains required
  • Up to four telephones to a circuit allows multiple configurations for staggered crossings
  • Operates over 1,200 loop ohms
  • Illuminated instruction label
  • Ring back when outstations off hook
  • Plain language alarm display

Alarms include:

  • Communications failure
  • Equipment failure
  • Multiple off hook
  • One off Hook
  • Vandal

Product support:

  • Installation and commissioning training
  • Operator training
  • First and Second Line Maintenance Training
  • Third Line Maintenance Support available
  • Installation and commissioning services available