tampering machine modification

K & G has successfully carried out major modifications and refurbishment for a 1993 Plasser 08-275U tamping machine.

The machine came to us as an ex-Japanese Railways, 1,067mm gauge-switch tamper in relatively good condition. It was sold to a customer in Singapore and required the following work to be carried out in a ten-week timespan.

  • Removal of noise doors and associated hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Removal of electrical items that are used only by Japanese Railways
  • Full gauge conversion modifications to suit 1,435mm items
  • Exchange bogies, including new wheels, to one axle
  • Modify ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ buggies to suit 1,435mm gauge
  • Exchange and highly modify the jacking beam to suit 1,435mm with third rail
  • Modify the steps, roof and other items to suit the required structure gauge
  • Exchange the general vehicle architecture (GVA) control system to an automated logic control (ALC) system
  • Install Scharfenberg couplers complete with brake air system
  • Install suitable data connectors and cabling to suit slave loco’s
  • Install emergency stop devices that shut down the machine and apply the brakes
  • Repaint the machine and install specific sticker requirements
  • Carry out FAT testing with our client
  • Prepare for shipping
  • Load, transport and ship the machine to Singapore
  • Supervise the unloading of the machine in Singapore
  • Carry out commissioning and SAT testing in Singapore with our client