NetModule, together with system integrator WLAN-Partner and the antenna manufacturer Huber+Suhner, enables vehicle-to-ground communication up to the highest train station in Europe at an altitude of almost 3,500m. During the 50-minute trip with Jungfrau Railways through ice and snow, train drivers can exchange operational data with the central office and provide customers with information via screens. Passengers can discover fascinating details about the history of the rack railway and access useful information about the Jungfraujoch area.

Jungfrau Railways use more than 40 type NB3710 MultiRail railway routers to implement the necessary vehicle-ground network. In the vehicles, a single wireless router with multiple modems bundles mobile data and voice communications. The professional model NB3710 MultiRail with two LTE interfaces, two WLAN interfaces, GPS and a five-port switch not only fulfils all standard requirements for exchanging operational data and fleet management, but also provides comprehensive passenger information as well as WLAN access for passengers.

Thanks to the device’s vast functionality and flexibility a customised extension to include a new IPsec implementation based on the mobility and multi-homing protocol (MOBIKE) according to IETF RFC 4555 was enabled, which helped to realise this project within a very short period.

Now seamless multihoming with two different LTE providers on the trains and IPsec using WLAN in the depot is possible, even without an additional Mobile IP intermediate layer.

Despite the demanding environmental conditions in this project, Huber+Suhner ensures optimum reception on all routes with its EN 50155 and EN 45545 certified railway antennas. The cloud-based fleet management system by WLAN-Partner automates the configuration, monitoring and support for the entire communication solution. A central interface delivers real-time information on demand regarding the utilisation of the data network, the current vehicle locations, the quality of the cellular connection and the status of the NetModule routers.

As a result, modern transport companies such as Jungfrau Railways can now use an integrated communication platform that delivers their different applications and information into mobile vehicles with ease, thereby drastically reducing the procurement and operating costs of vehicle communications.