Lat-Lon has announced that 4G LTE Category-1 with 3G rollback capabilities are available in the Compact Tracking Unit (CTU) and Solar Tracking Unit.

As one of the first companies to present the newest cellular technology for internet of things (IoT) communications, Lat-Lon gives customers the ideal solution when looking to upgrade their equipment from older 2G and 3G networks. Cat-1 is ideal given the average tracking data packet is 256b, and doesn’t require the maximum 300Mb/second that 4G LTE can deliver. Throttling the data speed to 10Mb/second offers the advantage of a reduced module size and lower power consumption at lower cost. Cat-1 technology for IoT use and has recently been deployed by major LTE service providers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and more.

Dave Baker, president of Lat-Lon adds: "Staying current with modem technology is always a challenge with IoT applications. With our choice of LTE-Cat-1 with 3G rollback, we future-proof our product line without sacrificing the network coverage footprint. An added benefit of Cat-1 is lower power consumption which increases overall capabilities of our solar-powered products."

Through wireless GPS monitoring technology, Lat-Lon solutions provide real-time information such as pictures, location, impact detection, speed, temperature, and more for multiple types of assets. The new 4G LTE Cat-1 modem with 3G rollback will enhance reporting frequency due to lower power draw while simultaneously adding years to the product lifetime before new technology is adapted.