Kontron, a leading global provider of embedded computing technology (ECT), today announced the TRACe LoRa-MQTT, a new integrated EN50155 fanless solution-ready platform offering a LoRa™ local network and transforming messages to Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) streams.

Coupled with cloud connectivity services, the Kontron TRACe LoRa-MQTT is an all-in-one secure IoT gateway achieving continuous communications from LoRa-based devices to the cloud server and enabling secure data collection and remote analysis.

Extending the family of Kontron TRACe products specifically designed for transportation, the TRACe LoRa-MQTT embeds a low power wide area network (LPWAN) LoRa™ radio concentrator sustaining up to eight communication channels simultaneously and Ethernet connectivity from one of the two GbE front M12 X-Coded connectors.

The Cloud connection based on standard IP Ethernet automatically transforms LoRa™ messages to MQTT streams and the security is guaranteed by a TLS connection using private keys both on the TRACe gateway side and on the Cloud server side. In addition, the Kontron TRACe LoRa-MQTT integrates various sensors and a micro-controller for system health monitoring. Designed to EN50155 railway certification, the TRACe LoRa-MQTT ensures stable operation in the harshest environments

"Achieving reliable data transmission from a fast-moving platform with ground stations is a technical challenge we have successfully met," said Philippe Vincent, general manager at Kontron Toulon. "We are excited that our TRACe LoRa-MQTT gateway is already being tested on a high-speed train."