Infrastructure projects in Qatar and Spain to be executed with ballastless track technology from RAIL.ONE. RAIL.ONE Group, leading international manufacturer of concrete sleepers as well as systems provider for railway tracks, has won the order for delivery of the track system for the new tram line in Doha, capital of Qatar. In addition, RAIL.ONE has secured an additional follow-up order as part of the Eje Atlántico projects in Spain.

RAIL.ONE, on behalf of the construction enterprise Habtoor Leighton Group, will deliver various models of the RHEDA CITY system for construction of a new tram line in the Arab emirate of Qatar. The greatest share of the new line, around 15 km in length, will be provided with concrete cover, and a short section will also be covered in turf. According to planning, production of the approx. 14,000 TB/ZB concrete sleepers is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2013, at the factory in Hail, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

RAIL.ONE, furthermore, will supply its RHEDA 2000 ballastless track system for three tunnels in the vicinity of the port city of Vigo in the northwest of Spain. In recent years RAIL.ONE already provided its patented track system for more than 15 km of track for the Eje Atlántico projects.

Production of more than 40,000 bi-block concrete sleepers from the RHEDA 2000 system will take place in the Spanish factory in Toro, about 200 km to the north of Madrid. Jochen Riepl, CEO of RAIL.ONE GmbH, explained as follows: "In recent years, RAIL.ONE took part in numerous projects for expansion of railway infrastructure on the Iberian Peninsula." He continues: "This new major order reflects the great trust placed in our reliable and high-performance ballastless track technology."