SNCB Logistics selected Quintiq and its implementation partner, Ab Ovo to implement the Quintiq software and model the solution to the customer’s demand, a collaborative project called IRON.

SNCB Logistics is an independent freight rail operator within the Belgian rail group SNCB. The freight activity was historically losing money, even before the economic crisis. To become a profitable and competitive private rail operator, it needed to restructure itself completely. The firm had never invested in cutting-edge systems to improve the efficiency and quality of its services – that was of course until IRON.
The implementation of an integrated planning tool gave the firm’s managers the ability to plan based on actual demand and get a precise and transparent view of required resources.

The solution allows SNCB Logistics planners to see the entire plan in one place. It integrates planning and scheduling of line locomotives, shunting machines, drivers and yard staff. It helps planners make the best decisions for scheduling and re-scheduling resources. The new system integrates existing planning methods with the new processes required for the operations of the new SNCB Logistics organization.
IRON has improved profitability, efficiency, productivity, quality and safety. Thanks to major cost-cutting measures and the benefits of tools like IRON, break-even is near and productivity and quality have structurally improved.

Geert Pauwels, CEO of SNCB Logistics said: "IRON is proving to increase our competitiveness and supports our mission to become the most reliable rail operator. This initiative is only one step in a line of measures that SNCB Logistics is undertaking to improve the safety, quality and productivity of its services."