Rail optimization company Quintiq is to host a webinar that focuses on the integrated planning in rail infrastructure projects and maintenance.

Most railway infrastructure managers and contractors have a serious gap in their planning. This is largely due to the use of separate systems to plan and schedule projects, people, machinery and maintenance work.

For many infrastructure managers, it is a daily struggle to make operations run smoothly and ensure profitability. The use of poorly connected systems result in the inefficient allocation of resources. When people or machinery are not at the right job at the right time, complications arise and this leads to higher operational costs.

The solution to this planning conundrum lies in having a single planning system that provides visibility across maintenance and project activities, which also immediately alerts infrastructure managers of any scheduling conflicts. Indeed, using a singular integrated planning system is vital to ensuring the profitability of a project.

Join us for a webinar to discover how integrated planning can:

  • Ensure the right resources get to the right place at the right time
  • Reveal the consequences of scheduling on your KPIs
  • Help you achieve the right balance of employees and machines to successfully complete projects on time
  • Minimize the cost and associated effects of hiring short-term staff or renting expensive equipment

For more information, please contact Quintiq.