In January 2011, Prasarana selected Transurb Technirail to develop a customised driving simulator.

Our partnership resulted in the development, installation and maintenance of a multi-functional driving simulator and four compact workstations.

Over 70 students will be using the brand new facilities and equipment every year. Under the guidance of qualified instructors, the students will use the simulator to improve their driving techniques in both standard and abnormal or stressful driving situations.

“After 14 months of satisfying work, we are proud to officially hand over the Ampang Driving Simulator project to our client, Prasarana. We would like to give special thanks to our Malaysian partner PADU SEDIA and everyone who made this project possible,” said Etienne Deblon Transurb Technirail CEO.

“We are convinced our solutions improve the overall quality of driver training, which in turn results in a better overall service towards the passenger. Should you require any additional information concerning our advanced training solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.”