Innovative Systemic Stations (IDS) is a pilot project of the Polish State Railways (PSR) Company, which assumes the demolition of the already constructed buildings and replacing them with new, smaller and more ecologic ones.

The modernisation of old railway stations is more expensive than the construction of new ones, as well as it lasts longer and may be more of a nuisance for passengers. The exploitation of new railway stations is expected to be several percent cheaper.

The accepted projects assume the introduction of renewable energy source exploitation devices, such as solar panels and heat pumps. All of the aforementioned solutions are highly cost and energy-efficient. It is expected that the cost of construction will be covered in its entirety within 30 years.

Tailor-made electronic information displays

As a producer of passenger information displays, the DYSTEN Company has been included in the pilot programme by the PSR. Within its scope, the DYSTEN Company has supplied 60 % of the newly created systemic stations with displays.

The devices that are currently available on the market are characterised by their strictly limited dimensions, which have not met the design requirements, as well as have been considered to be not suitable for a limited space of innovative stations. In order to adjust the proposed displays to the capabilities and conditions of the stations in question, the DYSTEN Company has predominantly focused its efforts on flexibility.

We have consulted both the overall layout and the dimensions of our displays with the PSR Design Group. Tailor-made electronic information displays have not only been accepted as suitable in terms of design requirements and adjusted to the available space, but they have also met detailed PSR needs with regard to dynamic passenger information displays.

Within the scope of the investment, a comprehensive visual and audio passenger information system has been made, together with intuitive system management software.

Main station displays characteristics

Main station displays inform passengers about nearest departures and arrivals. Depending on the size of a station and the number of connections, six or nine row displays can be used. They have been predominantly installed in main halls or above ticket counters. They are additionally equipped with an analogue clock compatible with the time management system utilised within the borders of the station.

Therefore, current time and date can be always presented. The high quality of content displaying matrixes and colour pallet complaint with the requirements set forth by the operator ensure satisfactory data presentation to passengers. LCD displays with LED illumination module have been taken advantage of in the case of the project in question.

The PSR Company will continue the program of modernisation and reconstruction of railway stations in Poland.