The kinetic energy recovery system developed by INGETEAM, INGEBER, has been deployed with success at a 3,000Vdc system for the first time.

The kinetic energy system developed by INGETEAM was deployed in 2012 at a 3,000Vdc traction substation. After a one year experience, the results show savings of up 12% of the energy consumed.

The INGEBER system enables all the limitations associated with the return of kinetic energy from the units to be overcomed. The solution has been dimensioned and allocated after the railways system´s analysis and simulation.

The system continuously monitors the catenary until it detects the point at which there is braking energy available from one vehicle that is unable to be used by another vehicle. At this time, the system extracts this energy from the catenary and transforms it according to the quality parameters of the supply grid so that this energy can be injected into the grid.

INGEBER kinetic energy recovery system, based on previous studies of the railways systems and simulations, offers attractive ROI. The saved energy can be fed-back to the network grid, use don operator´s infrastructures or can also be stored, meaning a direct reduction of operating costs.