Advanced Sensors & Calibration (ASC) has announced a new range of gyroscopes (gyros) for industrial applications. ASC 271 and 273 series MEMS gyros are intended for pointing and navigation applications in the industrial, agriculture and automotive segments, among others.

"ASC’s 271 and 273 series are the new uniaxial and triaxial MEMS vibrating ring gyros for industrial applications. In practise, all gyros have some sensitivity to acceleration but are expected to measure angular rates accurately even in the event of random vibrations and shocks.

"The more resistant a gyro is to vibrations, the lower the vibration induced noise and the more reliable the performance of the gyro. With excellent shock and vibration rejection, the new 271 and 273 gyros provide an optimum price / performance ratio for demanding applications," states Renate Bay, Managing Partner of ASC.

The 271 and 273 gyros from ASC are analog output angular rate sensors. The gyros can be powered from 7VDC to 40VDC supply where the output is independent of the supply. The sensors function over a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85°C and exhibit exceptional temperature stability. The gyros have low bias instability, low non-linearity and withstand shocks as high as 10,000g (unpowered). ASC’s 271 and 273 series are available as uniaxial and triaxial models with a lightweight, anodised aluminium housing.

Typical applications of the ASC 271 and 273 gyros include, but are not restricted to, precise dead reckoning navigation and pointing, gesture sensing, precision agriculture, indoor navigation, camera or antenna stabilisation and industrial yaw, pitch and roll rate sensing.