Advanced Sensors Calibration (ASC) has announced the launch of three new piezoelectric accelerometer product groups for application in the automotive, wind energy, and railway markets.

The new products being launched include the ASC P101A, ASC P203A, and ASC P401A range of the IEPE acceleration sensors.

ASC GmbH managing partner Renate Bay said: "This launch supplements the product range in the field of ASC accelerometers. This now also offers piezoelectric accelerometers for applications at high frequencies and high temperatures, as well as the capacitive and piezoresistive accelerometers flagship with DC response for low frequencies and crash applications with high values of acceleration.

"ASC is known as a European complete provider of accelerometers that address all of the needs of the customer. This product launch represents a significant step in this direction.

"The new group of products includes the uniaxial P101A range for general vibration monitoring applications, the uniaxial P401 range for high temperature applications, as well as the triaxial P203A range for applications in the automotive, wind energy, and railway markets."

For more information, contact ASC.