MTM Power

MTM Power offers in its programme DC / DC converters of the series HVC with 250W for railway applications.

The devices are available with an input range of 420VDC-1100 VDC (375VDC-125 VDC; t ≤ 2 s), an isolation up to 8kVAC and the standard output voltage of 24VDC. With the high-voltage converters it is possible to supply electronical equipment out of 600V / 750V contact wire.

The DC / DC converters are used for supplying points, signal lamps and electronic monitoring of the rail net. The specific feature of the series HVC is its use as a self-starting module for trams or trolley buses with exhaustive discharged batteries so that the towing process can be avoided.

The rugged design together with high-quality components guarantee the high reliability in vehicles even under severe shock and vibration conditions. The high efficiency of more than or equal to 88% and the dimensions of 330x170x87mm allow an operation without forced ventilation. Moreover the converters work within an ambient temperature range from -40°C-85°C according to EN 50 155.