With a height of 40mm, the new SENCITY® Rail MIMO low profile antenna is ideally suited for trains running in tunnels with tight gauges and double-decker trains.

HUBER+SUHNER further extends its proven portfolio of SENCITY® Rail rooftop antennas with low profile MIMO products. The new SENCITY® Rail MIMO antenna perfectly fits for the European market. Using this antenna with a height of just 40mm, in particular double-decker trains or trains normally travelling in tunnels with tight gauges, can be upgraded to the 4G/LTE standard.

This omnidirectional antenna consists of two broadband radiating elements for 2G / 3G / 4G mobile communication in a single compact housing. It supports the frequency range from 790MHz to 2,700MHz and therefore works with all European mobile communication networks.

Maximum data rates with minimum installation effort

The product is particularly interesting for system integrators and rail vehicle manufacturers who are seeking to establish high-data-rate applications, such as onboard internet, CCTV or repeater systems in the train. Thanks to the new SENCITY® Rail MIMO antenna, they can achieve a far higher data rate compared with standard antennas.

Customers who have already installed SENCITY® Rail lowprofile antennas benefit from a clever solution: since they use the same mounting scheme, existing antennas can be replaced by this new antenna with minimal effort. This allows system integrators to upgrade the train to MIMO technology quickly and easily.

Robust design / excellent product features

The new SENCITY® Rail MIMO low profile antenna impresses with its extremely robust design. It was developed specifically for the railway market and therefore meets the environmental requirements of EN 50155 and the fire safety requirements of EN 45545-2.
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