Just in time for the world’s largest rail fair, HUBER+SUHNER presents new products for the rail market. The new RADOX RAILCAT CAT7, a fiber-optic cable for rolling-stock, and a YAGI antenna for tunnel applications extend the railway product range.

At InnoTrans 2012 HUBER+SUHNER is presenting a variety of new products developed specifically for the rail market. The company will be revealing numerous innovations in the field of signal and power cables, but also new antennas and fiber-optic cables will be on view at the booth.

What’s new in the RADOX RAILCAT product family?
The new RADOX RAILCAT CAT7, a data bus cable for Ethernet network connections of up to 10 gigabits, is now available. The 4-pair cable is best suited for use as a backbone for railway vehicles and enables a reliable link to all connected systems and devices. It is available as 4x2x24 AWG and meets the demanding environmental requirements and the restrictions of the rail market according to DIN 5510-2 and prEN 45545-2.

In addition, the design and manufacturing process of the proven RADOX RAILCAT CAT5 has been optimised to ensure that this data bus cable can be offered at a lower price, while retaining its proven technical parameters.

New electron-beam cross-linked material RADOX EM 104
The RADOX 4 GKW-AX 1800V M cable families, the cable family that guarantees functionality in case of fire RADOX 4 GKW-AX 1800V M FR (fire resistant), and RADOX 9 GKW-AX 3600V M all use the new material, RADOX EM 104. The new material is resistant to heat, cold, media and weathering, and it meets the material requirements of EN 50264-1.

First prEN 45545-2-compliant Yagi antenna
HUBER+SUHNER now extends its CBTC product portfolio with the SENCITY SPOT-M Yagi Antenna. It was specially designed for CBTC applications and use in tunnels. Through its long and thin construction, it can be installed in tight spaces. It supports WiFi and complies with railway-specific environmental requirements as per EN50125-3 as well as the fire protection requirements of prEN 45545-2.

The SENCITY Road vehicle roof antenna is not new, but it is now LTE-capable as a factory standard. It was developed for installation on buses and metro vehicles and combines up to four antennas in a single housing. It supports 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks, WiFi 2.4/5 GHz, GPS/GLONASS and TETRA or FM. Thanks to on-going development, it now also supports LTE 800, LTE 2600.

RADOX glass fiber cable for rolling-stock
In addition to this, HUBER+SUHNER is presenting a fibre-optic cable for rolling-stock. The cable is new to the market and designed to enhance the performance of modern applications in trains, such as passenger information systems, passenger entertainment systems, video surveillance (CCTV) and internet. The special feature with this new product is the RADOX insulation material.HUBER+SUHNER has enhanced the production process so that the fibre-optic cable can be equipped with an electron beam cross-linked sheath.

In addition to the new products, the HUBER+SUHNER booth will also feature applications such as communication-based train control (CBTC) systems and high data rate transmissions in trains. Visitors to hall 12, stand 301 can keep on top of all of the company’s latest innovations and specific applications.