HTM is working together with NEM Solutions to improve their tram wheel maintenance process as part of HTM’s efforts to continuously improve the technical reliability of the rail system to support the already high level of service to their customers. With this continuous improvement HTM is also looking for resource optimisation.

NEM Solutions has designed a HTM specific roadmap for improving wheel maintenance, with the ultimate goal of predictability and overall efficiency through operation and maintenance costs reduction.

This roadmap has been divided into four main areas: Data ACQUISITION, Data MANAGEMENT, Data ANALYSIS and wheel wear OPTIMISATION. Implementation of this roadmap is a joint effort, where HTM and NEM Solutions work closely together, both contributing to get the best result which adds the most value at that specific point of the learning curve.

To facilitate the continuous improvement cycle in the long term, NEM Solutions is implementing AURA Wheel, a tool for optimum wheel life cycle management and analysis, to meet the demand for information with the wheel maintenance process.

NEM Solutions has vast experience in the railway market as an advisor in wheel life extension projects, as well as in business driven data management solutions. Its consultancy services are complemented by the implementation of AURA Wheel technology for an optimum wheel life cycle management and analysis.

Currently, AURA Wheel is a knowledge base of more than 36,000,000 wheel measurements, 40,000 cars, and 150 installations worldwide.