UK-based hydraulic-bolt tensioning company Boltight Limited has been acquired by Nord-Lock Group.

The directors of Boltight will continue to manage the company at its Walsall base.

Boltight, with its head office in Walsall UK, was founded in 1999. Their hydraulic-bolt tensioning systems have a global reputation for innovation and excellent quality.

The Boltight products are used in demanding environments in a multitude of markets, including energy, engineering, construction and mining.

The Nord-Lock Group specialises in bolt securing and bolt tensioning systems.

The combined strength of the Nord-Lock wedge locking washers, the Superbolt mechanical tensioning systems, and the Boltight innovative hydraulic-bolt tensioning systems creates a wide ranging powerhouse and dominant force in the increasingly important area of secure bolting solutions.

The strong and unique technologies available through this acquisition will quickly provide benefits to the customers in a multitude of markets and geographies.

Using the combined distribution outlets now available within the group, each company can more quickly develop and support their customers on a worldwide stage.

Boltight managing director Fred Heaton said: "We welcome the acquisition and the opportunity of accelerated growth made possible by becoming part of the Nord-Lock Group."

Ola Ringdahl, CEO of Nord-Lock Group, comments: "We are excited by the acquisition of Boltight, which takes us one step further to achieving prominence in the global business of bolt securing systems.

"Boltight’s high-quality product range will open up many interesting business opportunities. We are very pleased to welcome Boltight into the Nord-Lock Group."