After only 18 months of construction time, the Frauscher Innovation Centre has been opened at the company’s head office in St. Marienkirchen, Austria on 24 June 2016. The opening ceremony was attended by numerous representatives from politics and media, as well as by employees and guests.

Research and development on the highest international level

Product management, RAMS management as well as research and development department have already moved into the new building, which houses 75 workplaces, providing these departments with space to increase their size. The Frauscher Innovation Centre will thereby become an international platform for all research and development activities of Frauscher.

"Inputs from our customers and subsidiaries as well as from universities and research institutions all over the globe will be gathered and evaluated here. This enables continuous product development regarding specific requirements of current markets as well as new ones – such as the USA, Malaysia or Algeria. This makes the opening of this Innovation Centre an important milestone in strengthening our position as international technology leader in railway signalling", says Michael Thiel, CEO Frauscher Sensor Technology.

Also, the equipment of the new building underlines this innovative strength of Frauscher. On three floors, which are accessible barrier-free, a modern and practical working environment has been created. The light-flooded offices on the first and second floor are state-of-the-art regarding room setup and conditions. The ground floor offers space for modern laboratories and testing equipment, which make the Frauscher Innovation Centre an international platform for all the company’s research and development activities.

Straight lines in philosophy and architecture

The building’s appearance has been consciously kept straight and simple. All building services are focused on providing maximum comfort with minimum use of energy. "All in all this building perfectly reflects Frauscher’s philosophy of taking responsibility towards customers, employees and environment," says Josef Frauscher, founder of Frauscher Sensor Technology and builder / owner of the Innovation Centre.

Ceremonial opening of a milestone

The modern atrium of the new building provided a prefect frame for speeches of the guests of honour. Numerous highly interested visitors and employees joined the event and listened from their places on the gallery of the first and second floors. From there they were also able to follow the subsequent blessing of the building. The attendees were able to assure themselves of the practised innovative capacity in the Frauscher Innovation Centre on guided tours. After the opening ceremony, all visitors and guests were invited to complete the day at the annual Frauscher summer festival.