• Global partner network ensures fast service and optimal train availability rate
  • Successful teamwork with Ferrabyrne strengthens position in UK
  • Intensive know-how transfer guarantees highest standards

ContiTech is further expanding its strong dealer network for the rail vehicle industry. The company relies on a global network of partners in 37 countries worldwide. Through them, ContiTech gets close contacts with the rail vehicle operators and was therefore able to intensify business in the past few months.

"Only through our international partners we can guarantee our customers high quality and availability, as well as the ability to make long-term plans and rapid implementation," reports Andreas Haß, sales manager at ContiTech Railway Engineering.

"They enable ContiTech to take action quickly all around the world and facilitate optimal train availability rate for the rail vehicle operator."

A good example of the success of this network is evident in the UK. Since 2010, ContiTech has been working in this market, with increasing success, together with Littlehampton-based company Ferrabyrne. Compared with 2011, Ferrabyrne has already committed to double its turnover with ContiTech Air Spring Systems in 2014.

As an approved service provider, Ferrabyrne’s main focus is on ContiTech’s air spring systems, but the company can also supply rubber-metal components, including the MEGI® brand. ContiTech delivers individual components, sub-assemblies and complete spring systems, either directly or via its partner Ferrabyrne, depending on the needs of the respective customer.

Ferrabyrne managing director Ken Horton explains: "ContiTech is renowned for railway suspension products of the highest quality and durability.

"We are able to add the Ferrabyrne customer service offering which creates an unbeatable package for our customers and they benefit from the know-how that Ferrabyrne receives from working alongside ContiTech".

Mutual exchange of expertise

ContiTech also works closely together with Ferrabyrne’s service sector. During the reconditioning of trains, the secondary suspension system is inspected and refurbished to the exacting ContiTech standards for maintenance of air spring systems. Drawing on ContiTech’s 60+ years’ experience in development and production and Ferrabyrne’s 45 years in the rail industry, technicians and service employees from both companies work closely together. Ferrabyrne’s engineers and technicians regularly visit the ContiTech factory in Hanover, Germany, in order to pick up the necessary know-how.

Likewise, ContiTech specialists are regularly on site in Littlehampton and benefit from the practical experience that its partner builds up with customers.

"The cooperation with Ferrabyrne clearly shows how our partners and customers benefit from a strong dealer and partner network," adds Haß.

"The cooperation is a success story that we want to continue together in the future."

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