Germany-based public transport company Rhein Neckar Vekehr (RNV) has further invested in the safety of its rolling stock with the purchase of a Nencki spring test press.

In addition to a Nencki NBT Coach bogie test stand, which has been used by the company with great success for many years, RNV has now decided to test the bogie’s springs with a Nencki NST 200 spring test press, which enables both coil springs and metalastic springs to be tested.

The spring test press is designed for the following test functions: axial spring stiffness, bowing force and angle, lateral stiffness, reference length of spring and lateral excursion in x and y-direction.

The latest software enables free programmable testing processes. A test certificate is produced after the test procedure, which can be printed by a laser printer included in the supply. Defined interfaces allow data to be transferred into the client’s ERP system.

For more information please contact Nencki.