Outdoor display screen

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has selected a 38in ultra-wide outdoor display from Global Display Solutions for their platform train tracker display. These state-of-the-art displays are being deployed on all CTA platforms to provide passengers with up to the minute status of scheduled stops, local news, time and weather, emergency notifications and additional information to enhance the rider’s experience.

The ruggedised GDS Midas series of high bright LCD flat panel displays are thermally managed to provide the CTA with 24/7 operation in direct sunlight and the harshest of Chicago’s weather conditions as well as the high shock and vibration environment in which they will be located.

Included in each display is an embedded PC system that monitors the health and well-being of the display and which communicates directly with the CTA’s network and power protection devices. All Midas displays come with G-Bond enhanced optical bonding to provide the sharpest video images, to guard against vandalism and to provide greater safety in case the front glass is broken. This also prevents any dust accumulation or condensation on the LCD.

The CTA selected Global Display Solutions to manufacture these displays because of GDS extensive experience with outdoor technology. Manufactured at the GDS manufacturing facility located in Rockford, Illinois, these displays meet Buy America requirements. The single and dual display mounting systems have been designed for ease of installation and servicing.