Digital timetable poster

A new Digital Timetable poster, A0 sized, based on E Link® technology, will make its world debut at Innotrans 2016.

The display is part of GDS’ e-Tela™ family, the large format displays that being very low power, completely fanless, sunlight readable and ultra-thin, are ideal for harsh outdoor digital signage applications in transportation, road and price signs. It can also be directly solar-powered, reducing the infrastructure built out costs while opening up many options previously not possible.

This 54in landscape solution of three tiled 32in displays, and uses GDS’ G+Bond™ and G+Natural-light™ technologies to turn static paper signs into a dynamic effective digital format. While G+Bond creates a seamless display, suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment, G+Natural-light gives the display a uniform front light, making it ideal for use at nighttime, as well as in full sunlight, overcoming the e-paper features advantages.