tenmat friction products letter

TENMAT has received another recommendation, this time from Compagnie des Transports Céréaliers (CTC) in France for its RAILKO wear parts used on their freight bogie wagons transporting cereal grains.

RAILKO NF21 centre pivot liners and side bearer liners are installed across all of CTC’s new build and maintenance programmes. Mr Labalette at CTC states RAILKO NF21 products give them "entire satisfaction" and "its wear allows our wagons to be used without any maintenance during two revision steps" saving on expensive maintenance costs.

CTC are able to run their freight wagons longer, spending less time in the workshops and more time in service operation.

CTC have now specified RAILKO RG15 material for friction damper bushes, typically in the past these were steel bushes. RAILKO RG15 friction damper bushes provide complete protection to the plunger and housing, preventing ovalisation and costly repairs. Also no lubrication is required with RAILKO products, therefore no oil or grease is necessary.

CTC are now also specifying RAILKO RG15 friction damper bushes on their new build programmes, along with RAILKO NF21 centre pivot and side bearer liners.