innotrans 2014

Since the last time that the InnoTrans was held, Frauscher has successfully developed a range of customer specific products that have led to the creation of a broad choice of new applications and enhanced functionality.

This specialist company from Austria will be displaying the highlights of its new range of products under the motto ‘Best Connected’ at InnoTrans 2014: the second generation of FAdC®, a specially-developed software protocol for intelligent interfaces and new wheel sensors.

Frauscher Advanced Counter R2: high-level flexibility

Flexible structures and complex systems are constantly creating new challenges in the area of signalling and control technology. That is why Frauscher believes that it is extremely important to optimise its wheel detection and axle counting systems to the system operated by each individual customer, both with regard to the technical platform involved and the range of included functions. This high degree of integration frequently generates new discoveries that are subsequently incorporated into the development of the company’s existing products.

Following the introduction of the Frauscher Advanced Counter (FAdC) axle counting system in 2012, this pioneering producer of railway technology will be presenting yet another release at InnoTrans 2014. Along with the motto ‘Best Connected’, the FAdC® R2 brings together innovative technology with intelligent interfaces, thereby offering a number of benefits such as flexible integration into a variety of networks, minimised lifecycle costs and much more.

Leading experts in signalling technology, who provided practically-based inputs for a number of different projects and were given an early glimpse of these new developments, referred to this as the ‘revolution in track vacancy detection’.

Setting new standards: the Frauscher Safe Ethernet protocol

In order to ensure the efficient exchange of data between systems, software interfaces are increasingly being used in the very latest projects. Bearing this in mind, Frauscher has developed an open and freely-available software protocol, known as the Frauscher Safe Ethernet (FSE). The FSE was specially designed for a diverse range of applications in the area of wheel detection and axle counting and forms the ideal solution for system integrators that do not have a software-protocol of their own.

Well-known companies from various countries are already utilising the FSE interface in a number of ongoing projects. An ever-increasing number of system integrators are already implementing the protocol, which, if for no other reason, is why at such an early stage, FSE is rapidly becoming a standard protocol in the area of wheel detection and axle counting.

At InnoTrans 2014, a simulator will be available so that visitors will be able to personally experience the functionality offered by the FSE protocol.

A new sensor with an open analogue interface

Frauscher has also expanded its range of products in the area of wheel detection: With its open, analogue interface, the company’s new, highly resistant Frauscher RSR110 wheel sensor is easy to integrate into the existing electronics of the system provider. As a solution, the RSR110 wheel sensor offers great availability, takes up very little space and keeps power consumption and the use of hardware components to a minimum, while enabling non safety-related applications to be implemented in an extremely simple and cost-effective way.

The new RSR110 sensor also includes a convenient socket connection. Together with the patented rail claw, the fact that the cable is attached with a cable connector means that removing or exchanging a sensor is now much simpler than before.

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