Axel Fory

On 1 October, Axel Föry became the new CEO of KEYMILE, with Roland Schweyer replacing him as CSO.

In addition to spearheading KEYMILE, Axel Föry will also become the CEO of KEYMILE International, KEYMILE Networks and HYTEC, as well as the president of the KEYMILE supervisory board.

Björn Claassen is leaving the company, who previously held these positions. In appointing the new CEO, KEYMILE is underscoring its focus on mission-critical networks, data security and continued expansion of broadband systems customers.

Axel Föry joined KEYMILE in November 2013 as CSO. He was previously a national and international executive at Cisco Systems, Nokia and Philips.

Succeeding him as CSO, Roland Schweyer has extensive management and sales experience. Before coming to KEYMILE, he was IT Cluster and B2B director at Samsung Electronics. He was previously executive vice-president at Comparex and has held other management positions.

"Roland Schweyer is a true professional," comments Axel Föry.

"His in-depth sales expertise means his job won’t only be to grow existing markets and tap into new ones, but also to build on KEYMILE’s global partnerships. Due to our robust market position and strategy of reliable migration of dedicated networks to IP, we’re in a strong position that we want to build on.

"At the same time, as regards to broadband systems, we are concentrating on OSS-controlled multi-provider vectoring, which should be particularly interesting for Germany."

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