MTM Power Supports Formula Student Team StarCraft

This year, MTM Power supports the Formula Student team StarCraft of the Ilmenau University of Technology. As a specialist for innovative power supplies MTM Power is supporting the team with various DC/DC converters for the racing car, which are used to regulate the car on-board voltage from 24 V to 5 or 12 V.

The advantage of the converters is the input voltage operating range of 18…36 V. The StarCraft team already built several CAN-universal boards for the new racing car using MTM Power DC/DC converters.

Among others there are boards for pedal sets, test circuit boards for the battery management systems, as well as the circuit board of a bistable data fault memory, which serves the purpose of interlocking any error states of the emergency shutdown circuit.

Upon completion of the racing car in approximately seven weeks, the test period follows. Finally, Team StarCraft will participate in a competition of other Formula Student teams in Hockenheim on 30 June.